The Wilderness Wildlife Trust


The Wilderness Wildlife Trust focuses its work in three key areas:

Research and Conservation: These include ecological studies of specific species, transboundary movements, migration corridors and human-animal conflicts, interactions between species, and climate change. Such studies are not science for the sake of science, but rather help pave the way for better informed conservation management decisions and thus the sustainability of Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas.

Community Empowerment and Education: Conservation of animals and plants is only as strong as the people who live in their vicinity. Without the engagement and involvement of such people, conservation is likely to exist only on paper. Therefore, educational and financial empowerment of local communities is the bedrock of the Trust, providing much-needed skills and knowledge to these communities.

Anti-Poaching and Management: Hands-on management contributes to the survival of both individual species and their endangered habitats. The Trust supports a number of anti-poaching entities and assists in further management initiatives, such as aerial surveys.

Wilderness Wildlife Trust